LSE Europe Forum in Zurich

The first LSE Europe Forum took place in Zurich at the Park Hyatt on Monday 18 January and was attended by over 150 alumni and close friends of the School.

Led by Professor Craig Calhoun, Director and President of LSE, the event featured an evening of lively sessions full of engaging discussions, with guests revelling in their enthusiasm to explore current research and take part in intellectual debates.

The first session, chaired by Professor George Gaskell, Special Advisor to the Director, LSE, focused on ‘The Future of Europe’ with perceptive analysis on major issues including the European Monetary Union, and the transparency and accountability in EU policy-making processes, from LSE’s Professor Iain Begg, Professorial Research Fellow, European Institute, and Dr Sara Hagemann (MSc Government 2003, PhD Government 2007), Assistant Professor European Institute. Professor Simon Hix, (BSc Government 1990, MSc Government 1992), Harold Laski Professor of Political Science at LSE rounded up the session by looking at issues surrounding Britain’s membership of the European Union and the implications of ‘Brexit’.

After a short break, guests returned to a conversation on Global Migration and Urban Growth, chaired by Professor Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs at LSE. The session highlighted the links between the pressures and opportunities of urban growth for cities and countries through a presentation from Dr Graham Floater, Director, EGC Director and Principal Research Fellow, LSE, and the causes and challenges of global migration through an insightful presentation from Dr Chaloka Beyani, Associate Professor of International Law, LSE and United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons.

Throughout the event alumni posed challenging and perceptive questions for the speakers in each of the sessions.

The warm reception extended to LSE academics highlighted the profound affinity alumni and friends across Europe have for the School. This was further demonstrated by the range of attendees: alumni from 20 countries, and spanning six decades, from the 1968 to 2015 cohorts, were in attendance. 

Many volunteers from regional alumni groups across Europe took the opportunity to attend the Forum. Following the event, Zoltan Csedo (MSc in International Health Policy 2003), LSE Alumni Association Hungary Vice Chair, thanked LSE for organising a fantastic event. "The great intellectual experience of listening to LSE academics and talking to fellow alumni participating from many European countries makes me very proud of the School.”

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