Video Highlights

Martin Knapp about Mental Health
Martin Knapp, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Personal Social Services Research Unit, on how to use the research to change things in the real world.
Sonia Livingstone about Children Online
Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE on the rights of children using new media.
Chris Tennant about Mobility
How would drivers deal with driverless cars? 
LSE on Brexit
Professor Julia Black and a panel of LSE experts discuss the unprecedented challenges and opportunities that Brexit presents.
2016 in Review: a summary of last year's highlights at LSE.
Looking back at a year of seismic events.
Welcoming new graduates to the LSE alumni network
LSE Alumni group leaders worldwide welcome the class of 2016 to the School's alumni community, a global network of over 136,000 members across 200 countries.
Communicating the impact: the role of news and media
Reflections from a one-day workshop hosted by LSE and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Tackling Lighting Inequalities
The Configuring Light Roundtables project explores public lighting as a critical urban material.
Realising Potential

Demonstrating the impact of philanthropic scholarships from alumni and friends.

LSE in one word
LSE students describe their experience at LSE in just one word.
2015 at LSE
2015 was a great year at LSE! Here is a summary of last year's highlights.
Human Rights Research Impact  at LSE
A quick introduction to LSE research impact in the area of human rights.
LSE Asia Forum in Singapore
LSE Professor Danny Quah speaks about the LSE Asia Forum in Singapore, an event to celebrate the School's strong ties with the region.
The Silo Effect
Gillian Tett, US managing editor and columnist at the Financial Times, discusses why putting everything in its place is not such a bright idea.
LSE Research Festival 2015
Explore the LSE Research Festival 2015, a series of events designed to celebrate public engagement with social science research.
LSE Central Buildings Redevelopment
Find out more about LSE Centre Buildings Redevelopment, the largest  ever building project  LSE has commissioned in its 120 year history.
Jeremy Corbyn, new leader of the Labour Party
Professor Simon Hix discusses the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader of the Labour Party.
The Changing Faces of Houghton Street
LSE Archivist Sue Donnelly shares the secrets of the East Building, touring the site just before its closure and demolition.
Gearty Grilling
Professor Craig Calhoun discusses his research and the future of LSE in the final instalment of the Gearty Grilling series.
LSE Student Entrepreneur of the Year
Kat Kimmorley talks about social enterprise Pollinate Energy, which provides solar energy to urban slum dwellers in Bangalore.
Constitution UK
Professor Conor Gearty explains how Constitution UK is helping to shape the UK’s first written constitution.
Above the Parapet - Women in Public Life
A new LSE research project Above the Parapet – Women in Public Life seeks to explore the journeys taken by high profile women who shape public life.