LSE Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Awards

LSE and the global alumni network are strengthened greatly by the wide-ranging contributions of alumni volunteers all over the world.

The LSE Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Awards are designed to recognise the exceptional work of long-serving alumni group leaders who have recently stepped down and to honour their generous support of LSE’s outreach activity. Their dedication, loyalty and commitment have had a profound impact on the School and its international alumni network.

LSE Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award recipients in 2017 are:

Yahya Abdulla (BSc Economics 2004), who revived the Global Real Estate Group (GREG) when he took over its presidency in 2014. He was involved in GREG as a committee member for several years prior.

Ivor Abramowitz (MSc Economics 2011), leader of the LSE Alumni Association South Africa's Johannesburg chapter from 2012-16.

Marta Costas (MSc Social Policy and Administration 2007), Chair of the LSE Entrepreneurs’ Alumni Group from its foundation in 2011 until Spring 2016. She continues to act as an adviser to and supporter of the group.

Yelena Don (BSC Management 2008), founding Chair of the LSE Alumni Association Kazakhstan. She is now honorary chair of the group.

Sherif Hussein Kamel (PhD Stats and Maths 1994), leader of the LSE Alumni Egypt contact network for 10 years.

Gauri Kasbekar- Shah (LLB 1999), Co-Chair of the LSE Lawyers’ Alumni Group for eight years and current LSE Governor.

John Lee (LLB 1992), leader of the LSE Alumni Brunei contact network leader since its foundation 10 years ago.

Diego López (MSc Accounting and Finance 2006), Chair of the LSE Alumni Association UAE from 2013 to July 2016. He has also served on the Group Leaders’ Support Sub-Committee and is the current LSE Alumni Regional Ambassador to the Middle East.

Rishi Madlani (BSc Economics 2005), Chair of the LSE Banking and Finance Alumni Group from 2012 to 2015 and current LSE Governor.

Shilpen Savani (LLB 1993), Co-Chair of the LSE Lawyers’ Alumni Group for six years.

Garich Lim Shington (MSc International Relations 2003), President of the LSE Alumni Association Singapore for four years. He previously served as a member of the group´s committee.

Éva Számely (MSc European Studies 1996), founder and Chair of the LSE Alumni Association Hungary group for the past 13 years.

Margitta Wuelker-Mirbach (Diploma in Economics, 1984), President of the German Friends of LSE for more than 20 years.

Maria Xytaki (MSc Media and Communications 2005), President of the Hellenic Alumni Association of LSE for the last four years. She also served as member of the board prior to becoming president.

The list of volunteer award recipients in 2015/2016 can be found here