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LSE alumni around the world are making great strides in their professional careers and go on to make contributions to all areas of life.

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 “We are healthy or ill because of our own lifestyles but, more importantly, because of where we are born and what social class we are born into.”
Marianna Fotaki ((MSc Health Planning and Financing 1993, PhD Social Policy and Administration 2001) on her unlikely journey from medical doctor to University Professor of Business Ethics, her experience  as a volunteer helping refugees fleeing Iraq after the Gulf war, and how LSE transferred her life.
“Very quickly during the course of the investigations I discovered that the tentacles were far reaching, and realised how significant this was going to be.”
Professor Richard McLaren (LLM 1972) was appointed as an independent person (IP) by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to investigate allegations of widespread and systematic doping in Russian sport. His subsequent reports in July and December 2016 revealed ‘a doping cover up on an unprecedented scale’.
“There are many long-standing industry myths that need to be addressed and quashed about women who direct”
Destri Martino  (MSc Media and Communications 2006) is a 20-year veteran of independent film and the founder and editor of, which promotes the work of female directors.  She is also a writer and director with credits that include over 200 corporate videos, the web sitcom Mixed Blooms, and the short animated film The Director, which travelled the world as part of the Athena Global Shorts Program, in partnership with UN Women.
“Nothing is more rewarding than returning home at the end of the day and feeling that you have helped others to improve their lives”
Sotiris C. Laganopoulos (MSc in Environmental Policy, Planning and Regulation 2007) is Secretary of the Bodossaki Foundation and the Programme Director of the EEA Grants NGO Programme for Greece. He oversees the development of Foundation’s programmes and activities and helps to guide strategic and operational decision making. 
“Change for the better has more often than not come about as a direct consequence of academic research”
Dr Louise Arimatsu (PhD Law 2007) is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Law Department at Exeter University and a Visiting Senior Fellow with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at LSE.  She was an Associate Fellow at Chatham House (2006-2015), NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Senior Fellow (2013) and was the Managing Editor of the Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law from 2009 until 2012.  Dr Arimatsu’s research focuses predominantly on international law and war. 
“The headline challenge is to achieve stronger growth that is more shared.”
Jason Furman (MSCEC Economics 1993) is the 28th Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. He joined the Obama presidential campaign as economic adviser and served the President since the beginning of the Administration.
“Growing up in post-colonial South Africa, my sense of African identity was largely amiss.”
Masana Ndinga-Kanga (MSc Political Economy of Late Development 2013) is senior researcher at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. She has worked at the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights in Washington D.C. and was the first Machel-Mandela Fellow at The Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg.