Six subcommittees guide the Executive Committee, acting to promote alumni interests and inform the global alumni relations programme.

They work with specific remits relating to the Alumni Association's objectives, and members maintain regular discussion groups and monthly conference calls.

The subcommittees are:

Focusing on delivering communications that engage alumni. 
Contact the Communications subcommittee.

Group establishment, recognition and obligations
Developing guidelines to support alumni groups, from creation to their responsibilities. 
Contact the ERO subcommittee.

Group leaders' support
Advising Group Leaders to assist them in effectively running their groups and delivering engaging programmes for alumni. 
Contact the GLS subcommittee.

Lifelong contacts
Suggesting ways of increasing engagement with alumni for the School and alumni groups. 
Contact the Lifelong Contacts subcommittee.

Providing guidance in the development of alumni mentoring opportunities, one of the alumni programme's main priorities. 
Contact the Mentoring subcommittee.

Regional ambassadors
Acting as informal advisers to regional and special interest groups. 
Contact the Regional Ambassadors subcommittee.
Meet the Regional Ambassadors.

Subcommittee members area

If you are a member of an Alumni Association subcommittee, you can log in to view your respective members area:

Communications Subcommittee Members Area

Establishment, Recognition and Obligations Subcommittee Members Area

Group Leaders Support Subcommittee Members Area

Lifelong Contacts Subcommittee Members Area

Mentoring Subcommittee Members Area

Regional Ambassadors Subcommittee Members Area