Alumni FAQs

How can I update my contact details?
Make sure to update your contact details with us! That way you can ensure you receive our monthly e-newsletter Alumni Echo, the alumni magazine LSE Connect and notifications of alumni events in your local area.

You can update your details by registering for a new LSE Alumni account or by logging into your existing profile to make the necessary changes. 
How can I obtain my alumni card/library card?
The LSE Alumni ID card is obtained through the LSE Library and serves as a library card, giving alumni access to on-site library services.  Full details on how to apply for your library card are available here.
How can I get careers advice?

LSE Careers provides a range of professional services to help students and recent graduates plan with confidence for the future. Alumni are eligible to continue using LSE Careers for up to five years after graduation including one-to-one appointments, online resources, events, and LSE CareerHub. For more information please visit the LSE Careers website.

You can also seek careers advice and support from fellow LSE alumni by signing up to the Alumni Professional Mentoring Network.

How can I request a copy of my transcript or certificate?

Please find information about obtaining copies of transcripts, documents and certificates here.


How can I set up my LSE alumni email forwarding address?
The LSE alumni email address is a free forwarding service available to all LSE alumni who are registered with the LSE Alumni website. It allows you to maintain a permanent email forwarding address associated with LSE, providing an easy way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues following graduation and during your working life - without having to constantly update your contacts whenever your email address changes. 

How email forwarding works 
Any email sent to your LSE alumni email address will be forwarded to a destination email address you specify, for example your personal Hotmail account or your work account – this destination email address can be changed whenever you like.

Your LSE alumni email forwarding address is not an email account service and as such you will not be able to send or otherwise store email with this service. You will not be able to forward emails from your LSE network account using this service. You should continue to send and store emails using your personal email account. 

How to get started 
Please note that, although you are able to register online as a student (with your student ID number), you will not be able to access and use the Email Forwarding service until you have graduated.

You will need to register with the LSE Alumni website to set up your alumni forwarding address. Once you have logged into your account, simply follow the steps listed below:

  • go to the My Public Profile page and click on the Email Forwarding block (You will not be able to see this block until you have graduated)
  • Click Edit. Select your LSE alumni email (e.g. [email protected]
  • choose your main email account (e.g. [email protected]) to which you would like messages to be forwarded
  • distribute your LSE alumni email 
  • check your main email account for messages 

Please allow for 24 hours from time of registration for the email forwarding to be operational. 

Sending messages as if from your LSE email forwarding address 
Many email accounts may allow you to spoof the "from" address so that it appears emails sent from your personal account originate from your LSE address. 
Some information on how to set this up within Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Mail, Pegasus Mail and Eudora is available in the Email forwarding section. 

Information on some of the more popular web-based email accounts is available as follows: 
Hotmail or Outlook | Yahoo
We are not able to offer any personalised technical support for this service, as it relates to your own email account rather than the LSE address. 
How do I submit a class note?
Share your news with your fellow alumni by submitting a class note. You only need to register on the LSE Alumni website and follow these easy steps:
  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the Class Notes tab on your public profile page and click the Add Class Note button
  • Select category from drop down menu and enter text. You can also upload an image if you wish to
  • Preview your class note and approve
If you want your class note to be considered for publication, make sure to check the box to give your consent.
How can I book alumni tickets to attend LSE Public Lectures?
For some of the most popular public events, the LSE Alumni Relations team are given an allocation of tickets to distribute to alumni of the School. Where available, alumni will be able to book these tickets on the Alumni Event Calendar.
How can I trace former classmates?
Get back in touch with old friends and find fellow alumni in your area or professional field through the
Alumni Online Directory
How can I get involved in your volunteering programme?

LSE alumni help to keep the School strong now, and build capacity for the future.  Many hand down their experience and expertise to current and prospective students by volunteering, as well as building and engaging the global alumni community.
There are many ways to get involved. By doing so you will be making a profound contribution to LSE:

  • Support the Alumni Association and meet applicants, students and new graduates at Open Days, Welcome Week and Graduation stands on campus
  • Become a mentor to share your own professional experience and expertise with students and alumni looking to follow in your footsteps
  • Speak at one of our alumni events or careers panels
  • Serve as committee member for one of our alumni groups
  • Host an alumni event at your office or residence
  • Apply for a leadership role in the LSE Alumni Association
  • Become an alumni ambassador to support LSE’s student recruitment activities wherever you are in the world
Please get in touch with the alumni relations team if you require any further information about volunteering opportunities.
Can alumni access all LSE buildings?
LSE welcomes visits from its alumni, but please note that access to buildings for alumni is different to that for staff and students:
  1. Access Times
     The School is fully open Monday to Friday 8am-6.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays and School closures at Christmas and Easter.

  2. Early mornings, evenings and weekends 
    Access to LSE buildings before 8am and after 6.30pm on weekdays, and at all times at weekends, is restricted to LSE staff only. Please note that alumni Library cards permit access ONLY to the Library.

  3. Exceptions
    The following are exceptions to this rule:
    • Library
      The Library operates its own admissions policy and has opening hours which vary according to the time of year – please see the Library website for details of opening hours and admissions policy.
    • New Academic Building (NAB) 
      Access to the NAB works on a swipecard system for staff and students. Access for alumni is not possible before 08.00 or after 18.30 on weekdays, or at weekends; access on weekdays is possible either by presenting your alumni Library card or by emailing the NAB reception at least 24 hours in advance of your visit.
    • Gym and squash club 
      Members who are in possession of a valid gym or squash membership card can gain access while the gym and squash courts are open in the evenings and at weekends. 
    • Public lectures, evening classes and other official events
      Anyone attending public lectures, evening classes and other official LSE activity is permitted access to LSE buildings for the duration of the event.
    • LSE SU events
      Some evening and weekend events will require a ticket or LSE identification - it is advisable to check with the LSESU in advance.

  4. School closure periods
    LSE closes for around a week at Easter and Christmas/New Year. LSE Security staff are available to deal with enquiries only at the reception desk at the Main Entrance to the School. Please see opening times of buildings for full list, and the LSE Map for details of rooms and buildings. 

  5. Access to IT facilities
    Alumni do not have access to the LSE network, and are therefore not permitted to use IT facilities; with the exception of the open-access visitors' PCs on the first floor of the Library, during Library opening hours (see above). 

  6. Contravention
    The School reserves the right to ban from LSE property anyone found to be contravening these rules. 
How can I get in touch with the alumni relations team?

Post, phone, fax and email 
Alumni Relations
LSE Advancement
Houghton Street, London

Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7361
Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 7567
[email protected]

In person 
The Alumni Relations team is located in 1 Kingsway, London WC2B 6AT. Please report to the main reception area on entering the building and a member of the Alumni Relations team will be informed of your arrival.

LSE Alumni Relations team: 

Zoe Povoas, Head of Alumni Relations 
Sveta Mardar, International Alumni Executive (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East) 
Lindsay Turner, International Alumni Executive (Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean) 
Tricia Coyle, Director of Alumni Relations and Events (North America)
Camilla Langlands, Global Alumni Programmes Manager
Kendall Collett, Events Officer

Alumni Enquiries

What is LSE Advancement’s privacy and data protection policy?
The LSE Advancement data protection policy is as follows: 

All data is held securely by LSE and is treated confidentially in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. 

Data is not disclosed to external organizations other than agents contracted by the School directly for purposes benefiting the School or its alumni. 

Data is available to academic and administrative departments and recognised Alumni Association groups and is used for a full range of alumni activities and to encourage financial and non-financial support for the School, including fundraising programmes via post, telephone and email.

If you do not wish your information to be used in this way, please contact the Alumni Relations team.