Destination LSE

Destination LSE

Our global event series #DestinationLSE comes back this summer to give overseas students who are about to join the School the opportunity to meet each other, as well as connect with alumni and current students prior to arriving at LSE. 

Organised by alumni groups across the world, these events are an excellent way to engage future alumni before joining the network, and a great example of the significant role the alumni community plays in the life and future of the School. 

To find details and to register for the event nearest to you, please click on the region page:


Africa and the Middle East

Asia and the Pacific


Latin America and Caribbean

North America

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Quotes from participants

‘It was really helpful to get guidance from people who have actually studied at LSE who were once in our position and have learned so much through time. Their experiences, their small tips, support and guidance made a huge difference to us.’ – from an event in Karachi, Pakistan

‘It is important getting to know people who had already graduated from LSE, those who are already current students, and those who going to undertake a course there. I learned plenty both about my future life at LSE and about what the prospects are after leaving LSE.’ – Bucharest, Romania

‘It was great to connect with people who had been to LSE and to talk with them! It helped to talk about some of the things I was nervous about and made me even more excited!’ – Miami, USA

‘One can ask all the questions probing their mind about moving in London and studying at LSE. Even the most embarrassing ones. Very helpful!’ – Nairobi, Kenya

‘It's a great way to get tips about starting life in London. It also helps make things feel more real and makes you excited to start your studies, given everyone speaks so highly of LSE.’ – Melbourne, Australia

‘You get to meet a lot of Alumni and you get first-hand knowledge and experiences from these people. It's rather important.’ – Mumbai, India

‘It gave me the opportunity to meet LSE alumni from my country. It was great to find out so many people of the same nationality as I studied at LSE.’ – Bratislava, Slovakia