We are sad to report the passing of LSE alumni and staff in 2017. Alumni are listed in alphabetical order in the decade they received their first degree at LSE. Where available, we have included a link to online obituaries.
1949 and earlier

David G C Allan, BSc Economic History 1946; MSc Economic History 1950
Anthony A Bateman, Occasional Student 1949
Professor William J Baumol, PhD Government 1949 The Washington Post
Zofia Theresa Butrym, Certificate in Social Science & Admin 1949
Alfredo Chavero, BSc Economics 1922
Professor Stephen F Cotgrove, BSc Economics 1947, PhD Economics 1956
Professor Gustav Jahoda
, MSCEC Social Psychology 1948 , PhD Social Psychology 1952
Professor Emeritus Henry Landsberger, BSc Sociology 1948
Dr David Rockefeller, General Course 1938, The New York Times 
Shirin J Sabavala, BA 1947
Alison R Staniland, BSc Sociology 1947
Takeshi Watanabe, Research Fee student 1932

Florence M. Barker, 1952
Professor Zygmunt Bauman, Research fee 1958 - The Guardian
Martin Bud, General Course 1951
James A Butchart
, BSc Economics 1968
Lucy A Cifuentes, General Course 1953
Barbara Dunn
Dr Arthur Earle,
BSc Economics 1952; PhD Economics 1958
Russell W Gray, BSc Geography 1953
Derek C Green, BSc Industry and Trade 1954 
Thomas Holborn, BSc Economics 1958
Gerald Josephs, BSc Industry and Trade 1953
Ian J McCreery, BSc Sociology 1956
Alfred Neville, BSc Economics 1955
Professor Herbert Maurice Adebola Onitiri, BSc Economics 1956; PhD 1963
Ronald C Parkin
, BSc Economics 1952
Albert E Perry, BSc Geography 1951
Marie Pinkin, MSc Logic and Scientific Method 1955
Sybil Shine, BSc Economics 1958; MSc Sociology 1979; Research Fee Student 1980; MPhil Sociology 1991 - Camden New Journal
Frederick Taylor MBE, Certificate in Social Science & Admin 1950; Certificate in Mental Health 1956
Christine M Whatmore, BSc Economic History 1955 
Gerald J Bradshaw, BSc Economics 1961 
Sargent H Berner, LLM 1967
Noel J Coghlan
, MSc 1967 
Joan Hall,  Certificate in Mental Health 1961
Professor Ian Jeffries, PhD Economics 1966
Dr Peter Mangold, MSc International Relations 1969, PhD International Relations 1972
Robert Murray, MSc Economics 1966, MPhil Economics 1970
Manuel Barros Nock, Research Fee Economics 1968
Rashida Yusuf, MSc Economics 1966 
Professor John Armstrong, MSc Economic History 1971
Murray George Bell, MSc Analysis, Design & Management of Information 1974
Alan Clarke, BSc Economics 1970
John M. Green, MSCEC Regional Planning 1976
Winsome O Greenwood, BSc Social Policy and Administration 1972
Peter A Leevers, Diploma 1974, Diploma in Social Work Studies 1975
Beryl C King, Diploma Social Policy & Administration 1972
Dr Ruth Levitt
, BSc Social Psychology 1973
Paul E. Levine, MSc 1971
Alistair C Robson, BSc Geography 1972
David Gwilym-Williams, MSc Politics 1976, PhD Government 1981 
Roma Diviani, MA International History 1989
Konstantinos Karydias,
MSc(Econ) Accounting & Finance 1984
Danielle C Keefler, MSc International Relations 1984
John Martin Mackie
, MSc History of Political Thought 1982
John N M Waites, BSc Accounting & Finance 1981 

Derek Crofton, MSc Voluntary Sector Organisation 1997
Valerie Gosling, MSc Social Psychology 1992
Louise Hulton, MSc Demography 1993
Jennifer W Oppenheimer, MSc Development Studies 1995

James Campbell, MBA (Global Executive Programme) 2003
Natalia Grozina, MPA Government 2014
Roona Simpson, MSc Gender 1999, PhD Gender 2005 
Professor Sir Tony Atkinson, Centennial Professor - The Financial Times
Barry Gilbert, LSE Catering
Professor George W. Jones
Professor Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC - The Guardian
Professor Alastair Scott The University of Auckland 

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